Melanie johnson-moxley, ph.d.



Melanie Johnson-Moxley teaches part-time in the Department of Philosophy and the Center for Health Ethics at the University of Missouri-Columbia.  She taught as an adjunct and as a visiting assistant professor of philosophy in the department of History, Philosophy and Political Science at Columbia College from 2008-17. 


Her teaching portfolio includes introductory courses in the history of Western philosophy, Asian philosophies, ethics, logic & critical thinking, and religious studies, upper-level undergraduate courses in ancient philosophy, modernism, political philosophy, existentialism, and the philosophy of A.N. Whitehead, and graduate courses in health ethics. 


Melanie served as the faculty advisor for the Columbia College Philosophy Club from its inception in 2010 through 2017, and as a member of the CC Women's History Month Committee from 2011-17. She created the annual Columbia College Undergraduate Philosophy Conference series (2012-15). She has served as a judge for the Missouri High School Ethics Bowl since 2014 and for the MU Undergraduate Research & Creative Achievements Forum since 2016. She has been a regular presenter at the MU Women's Leadership Conference (2011-15) and instructor for the CC Summer Expeditions Program for gifted fifth- and sixth-grade students (2012-13). 


Her research interests focus on the process philosophy of Whitehead and topics in comparative philosophy. She has recently published "Bound to Face the Truth: The Ethics of Using Wonder Woman's Lasso" in Wonder Woman and Philosophy: The Amazonian Mystique (2017) and  "Rethinking the Matter: Organians are Still Organisms" in The Ultimate Star Trek and Philosophy (2016). She has written "A. N. Whitehead: Mysticism and the Expressive Impulse" for an anthology on mysticism and silence edited by Laura Weed, which is currently under review by Palgrave Press. She is working on a book proposal concerning Whitehead's social philosophy. 


Melanie is a member of the International Institute for Field Being, for which she is developing a web presence, as well as the American Philosophical Association, The Society for the Study of Women Philosophers, and the Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy.  


She received her Ph.D. from the University of Missouri in May 2008 under the direction of Dr. Bina Gupta. Her dissertation, "Vasubandhu's Consciousness Trilogy," explores the metaphysics and epistemology of an early Indian school of Buddhism, Yogācāra. Her Master's thesis explored the intersection of Yogācāra with Whitehead's process philosophy. 


Melanie lives in Columbia, Mo., with her husband, David Moxley, MLS, as well as one cantankerous, non-degreed cat and a dog that may yet finish obedience school. She enjoys science fiction, comics, long hikes, fiber arts, digging in the dirt and improvisational cooking. -- Updated September 2017